How Regenerative Medicine Can Improve Overall Health and Wellness

When it comes to health and understanding how the human body works, the information available is abundant, confusing, and often wrong. Our everyday lives are filled with exposure to toxins, chemicals, and a variety of other factors that affect our health. Most people believe that once the damage is sustained, there is little that can be done to reverse these negative effects. Thankfully, there are options that not only prevent disease, but improve overall health.

Regenerative medicine is a means of restoring the body as well as the functions it performs. Through treatments based on regenerative science, the body can more effectively heal and defend itself from injuries and illness. Damaged tissues and organs can heal themselves through infusion of cells to restore their function. According to the National Institutes for Health, regenerative medicine can even be used in skin replacement treatments for burn patients, diabetic leg and foot ulcers, and knee cartilage replacement.

Treatment for the above mentioned conditions as well as many others are now within reach for many patients. With the assistance of a professionally trained health consultant, you can improve your health and empower your body to fight off disease and the effects of aging.


The fact that humans ingest anywhere from 30 to 50 tons of food in a lifetime may be surprising. The concern with food today is the presence of chemicals used to process or preserve that food for consumption. Additionally, there is a long list of chemicals in the air we breathe and the water we drink. Once the chemicals enter the body, they deposit themselves in tissues and organs and can build up over time, often causing fatigue and digestive problems. In regenerative medicine, detoxification, or the process of removing these chemicals and impurities from your body is often accomplished through diet and nutraceuticals—foods containing health-enhancing nutritional value.

Weight Management

Weight gain is a common concern among adults. Although we may understand the causes, finding a healthy way to remedy the issue is not an easy task. Beginning with detoxification, the body can be cleansed from the inside out to remove harmful chemicals. Supplements can replace those nutrients that are lacking in the body, and a personalized fitness program provides a safe and beneficial method of physical activity the body needs to stay healthy through lifelong weight management. It’s all about balancing your system and allowing your entire body and its functions to work in unison for optimum health.

A regenerative medicine specialist can provide a wide variety of treatments, including the delivery of essential detoxifiers and nutrients to the body through IV nutrition. If you are seeking ways to enhance your quality of life and achieve a healthier immune system for optimum health, contact the ANWAN Regenerative Center today.