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Since 2015, ANWAN Regenerative Center has been helping patients to look and feel younger while living fuller, healthier lives. We employ a range of treatments that can help you achieve total health and wellness. Our patients throughout Tucker, Dekalb, Gwinnett, and the surrounding areas in Georgia report having more energy while feeling and looking younger and living happier, healthier lives.

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We Think Anwan Regenerative Center can beat every one of the existing ‘Health & Wellness’ plans out there – 100% GUARANTEED!

Concierge Medicine

What exactly is Concierge Medicine? For one thing, it's a much more personalized visit to your physician. Click the button below to learn more!

Natural Treatments Services

We’re here to provide with excellent service so that your overall health is the best that it can be!

Gut Detoxification

Want to learn more about gut detoxification? Click the button below to find out!

Sexual Wellness Video

What is the correlation between age and sexual wellness? Click the button below to learn more!

Order Dr. Christie's book

If you’d like to learn more about how lifestyle medicine can improve your well-being, order a copy of Dr. Christie’s latest book. The book is also available on Kindle through Amazon.

Our Happy Customers

Another awesome visit at Anwan Regenerative Center. I can not begin to tell you how thankful I am for the changes Dr. Christie has made in my overall health. Read More
Sharon J.
Dr Christie practices what he preaches. My wife and myself have been very pleased with his wholistic wellness programs. Read More
John F.
I have nothing but good things to say about Anwan wellness. They are professional and courteous. Dr. Christie saved my life: I had a stroke. Read More
Joslyn T.
Seventeen (17) years ago I was fortunate and lucky to walk into the Anwan Wellness clinic in Hapeville (close to where I live). Dr. Donovan W. Christie was my attending that day and he struck a chord with me. Read More
Robert E.
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