Another awesome visit at Anwan Regenerative Center. I can not begin to tell you how thankful I am for the changes Dr. Christie has made in my overall health.

There are several Anti-Aging doctors but none can compare to Dr. Christie. His focus is on your complete well being. If you are going through the change of life, lost your sex drive, having problems with your weight or just want to look and feel younger you need to see him. I have compared prices and he has the best rates, knowledge, and quality of service.

My friends and family can not believe my change. I have kept my weight off for almost 2 years, feel half my age and my libido is better than it has ever been.

If you are truly serious about changing your life you need to make an appointment.
Sharon J.
Dr Christie practices what he preaches. My wife and myself have been very pleased with his wholistic wellness programs. In a world of fast food healthcare and five minute doctor visits, Dr Christie spends 30 minutes discussing with us on a typical visit that is reserved for us. We are partners in our wellness. This is the future of medicine.
John F.
I have nothing but good things to say about Anwan wellness. They are professional and courteous . Dr. Christie saved my life: I had a stroke. With his fast reaction and decision he stop my situation from getting worst. He took over in the ER and made sure everything was carefully done. He never left the hospital until he saw that I was ok. I could not have had a better doctor by my side. When friends and family see me they don’t even believe I had a full stroke. Dr. Christie also guide me into health and physical fitness. I look and feel better than ever at 58. I am forever in your debt.
Joslyn T.
Seventeen (17) years ago I was fortunate and lucky to walk into the Anwan Wellness clinic in Hapeville (close to where I live). Dr. Donovan W. Christie was my attending that day and he struck a chord with me. He was then and still is today completely focused with my health; all aspects of my health including age-related issues. Dr. Christie has been my Primary Care Physician ever since. Thanks to Dr. Christie and his guidance I am still here and (relatively) healthy today. I disappoint him often but he is stalwart in his advice. I I love you Dr. C.!
Robert E.