Males Experience Menopause Too!

Men, do you know that women are not the only ones to experience hormonal changes as they age? In fact, men start to show signs of ‘aging’ when they are still in their twenties. Like women, men experience a ‘pause’ in their life cycle. For women we know it as ‘menopause’ and for men, it’s known as ‘andropause’. Andropause sufferers experience decreased energy, increased body fat and decreased muscle mass. Some men have reduced mental quickness and sharpness and experience a loss of eagerness and enthusiasm for daily life or what is known clinically as mild to moderate depression. This can impact their sex drive, so there is less sensitivity to stimulation and the strength of orgasm does not reach the magnitude it once did when they were in their twenties and thirties. And like women, the risk of cancer does increase.

So women, if your man doesn’t perform like he used to, seems a bit lethargic, or doesn’t respond to you the way he used to, let’s not immediately jump to conclusions! He could be experiencing male menopause or ‘andropause’. Andropause symptoms develop more gradually than those experienced by women and are caused by a decline in the hormone testosterone and secondarily by the Thyroid growth hormone. Testosterone is to men what estrogen is to women. The cure for this decline is simple. Your man needs to have hormone replacement therapy using bio-identical hormones. Bio-Identical hormones are made from yam and other plant-based ingredients and have the exact hormonal structure of human hormones, so they are absorbed more efficiently into the body.

As a result your man’s hormone are balanced thus his sex drive and satisfaction is increased. His energy level, mental acumen and concentration also increase. He is less irritable and as a result, so are you! But if after receiving BHRT via the ANWAN Regenerative Center and he still claims to have decreased sex drive, then you may want to do some digging of your own!