Weight Training vs. Zumba: Which Is Better?

Weight Training vs. Zumba: Which Is Better?

Because your time important and often limited, you want to get the most out of training that you can. Unfortunately, the best way to change over the long term isn’t necessarily the best way to see short term gains toward your objective. At ANWAN Regenerative Center, LLC, in Tucker, GA, we often hear people discussing whether weight training or cardio exercises are better for weight management. The argument is a false dichotomy because both are important in your personal training program.

Weight Training

Weight training offers long term benefits outside of the gym. As your body gains muscle mass, you burn more calories throughout the day. You may not see the difference when stepping on the scale because muscle weighs more than fat, but that shouldn’t stop you from picking up a barbell. Even if all you want to do is tone your muscles, you’ll get benefits long after your workout is over. Stay off the scale as you start your weight training, and you will be much happier with the results in a couple of months. After all, the more muscle mass you have, the more calories your body burns.

Cardio Fitness Like Zumba

When you participate in a Zumba program or another cardio class, you are burning calories immediately. Working up a sweat in this type of class is important, and it increases your overall fitness. While putting weights on a bar creates long term benefits, keeping your lungs and heart healthy by getting them to work at their peak will allow you to live a longer life. Cardio workouts tend to burn calories faster, but the benefits after the workout are reduced over time. Still, in an overall fitness program, the cardio aspect is important to cardiovascular health.

False Dichotomy

The question of weight training versus cardio exercise is a false dichotomy. It doesn’t have to be, and indeed, shouldn’t be, one or the other. Your health and wellness require both to reach their highest potential. While you may gravitate toward one type of workout, favoring one over the other, it is important that you get the benefits of both. Build your muscle mass so that you can burn more calories continuously and make sure that your heart and lungs get the workout they need to remain fit throughout your life. At the same time, get the benefits of burning calories quickly through the cardio exercises that programs like Zumba have to offer. When you combine the two training styles, you will be healthier and happier.